Why Public Relations for Small Business is a powerful must-have Channel

Public Relations for Small Business
Public Relations for Small Business: our top 4 reasons why small business should be doing it
Public Relations for Small Business


Is it any wonder that public relations for small business is often not considered, never mind included in even a minor way in the communications plans of small firms. It’s often perceived to be out of reach of the marketing budgets of small businesses and why would you bother anyway.

It’s just about getting your name in the paper or on the telly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve all seen the PR good, bad and ugly. Lets face it, some people should just stay indoors! And reputation is a big deal for businesses that can’t afford to risk their’s, or afford to fix it if things go wrong.

But what is it?

PR is about building and protecting reputation. It isn’t out of the reach of small budgets, or unattainable. Quite the opposite. With some thought, planning and organisation including PR in your marketing can be done well, and actually it’s a great source of content to use across multiple channels.

It looks after reputation first and foremost, helping people to understand who and what a business or organisation is. It helps to influence opinion and behaviour.

It establishes a rapport, a relationship, goodwill and understanding between that business or organisation and its key audiences. And it can give businesses access to exposure in printed and broadcast media that would have an equivalent advertising cost that is most definitely out of reach of modest budgets.

1. What can public relations for small business achieve?

  • build brand awareness
  • establish and maintain reputation
  • influence decision makers
  • foster understanding to elicit a reaction

2. Any benefits?

It can be an excellent return on your investment when you consider what advertising would cost. It is a place where you can tell the stories about your business and its people and is an additional channel.

You’ll have great, engaging, and consistent content to share across all of your channels, and it helps to build your reputation and brand.

Most media outlets now have digital channels. If your story is published you may be published online too, and you may get a link back to your website if you ask. And that’s good for your SEO efforts.

3. But what makes a good story?

Things that are different, a bit quirky, celebrate a success or overcoming adversity, or could be a story about innovation, growth in a business….the list is endless.

So all of those things mean that there are really good reasons why PR isn’t just for big business. SMEs have plenty to talk about and can utilise PR to great effect.

So why not have a think about a story in your business and see if you can get it published!

We’ve included a free step by step guide: selling your story to the media here 

4. Where does public relations for small business fit in?

Your public relations efforts fit into your overall content marketing activity. That includes all of the content that you produce across social media, blogs and so on that you produce to reach your key audiences. We’ve created a resource here to explain how to get the best from your inbound marketing

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